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Category: Vehicle Safety

Theft of and from vehicles whilst in service

With the growing number of service vehicles that need to have their engines left running whilst the driver is operating ancillary equipment, (PTO, Cranes, Platforms, Generators, Compressors, EST.)

Comes another growing problem, that of calculated and opportunist theft. With keys left in ignition and doors unlocked, it’s a thief’s dream come true. As you are well aware insurance companies are not keen to pay out on claims where keys are left in the vehicle.

We have an economical answer to this problem

The AVI Keyout (Runlock)

This is a professionally fitted unit that allows the vehicles engine to remain running after the keys have been removed, also allowing (in most cases ) the driver to lock his cab doors thus protecting his belongings. This unit is fitted by our trained engineers at your premises or on site.

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